LED Neon Guide

Your Guide to Neon Flex
Here’s a close up of a typical LED neon flex tube. LED flex is made with PVC & acrylic, powered by LED lights and cased in 6x12mm 8x16mm or 10x22mm tube thickness depending on your sign's design and size.
LED neon guide, LED neon lights on, and LED neon backboard of different size and shapes, Custom LED neon backboards, Gold mirrored Backboards UV printed backboards.
LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient, and safer than glass neon products. They also provide an incredible visual impact that is on par with or even greater than you would get with a traditional glass neon sign. Our LED neon signs have a range of brightness options and flash, flicker, and pulse control.  This allows our customers to have more flexibility in specific lighting settings. 
Your Guide to Customization
Neon Tubes and Jackets
Our LED neon signs come in up to 11 vibrant colours* with two main neon jacket options:
  • Colour Jacket the neon tube shows colour when the light is switched off
  • White Jacket the neon tube appears white when the light is switched off

      *Due to the hand rendered nature of our neon signs, they can be subject to variations and slight discolorations. Some variations in colour can also occur as a result of the computer screen, the camera and/or the light, and therefore the color of the LED may appear different in pictures than in a real setting and do not reflect the quality of the product. 

      RGB Remote
      RGB LED means red, blue and green LEDs. RGB LED products combine these three colours to produce over 16 million hues of light. For an additional fee, customers may choose to have their sign made using RGB, which provides extra scope for colour mixing to create a huge range of unique shades. London Neon can also program a unique light sequence of your choosing. Please contact us at info@londonneon.co.uk for more information. 
      Acrylic Backboards Shapes
      All of our signs are adhered to clear 4 or 5mm acrylic backboards. You have a choice of the following free backboard options:LED neon guide, LED neon lights on, and LED neon backboard of different size and shapes, Custom LED neon backboards, Gold mirrored Backboards UV printed backboards.
      Cut to Shape or Text: The OG backing for LED neon signs. The acrylic board is cut following the shape of the neon tubes. This style is ideal as it provides the most stability and versatility for your sign. We recommend using this acrylic backboard if you want to hang your sign from the ceiling or in front of a window or mount it on a load bearing wall.
      Full Board: The neon tubes adhere to onto a solid rectangular or square acrylic board. We recommend using a full board if you will hang it from the ceiling or if you plan to use it for for special events, and will need to move your neon often.
      Line or Invisible: This style is popular for text based neon signs, because it’s minimalist and virtually invisible when the sign is lit. This simple backing holds the letters together, but can also be quite fragile, so we recommend using this backing only if your sign is under 100cm or you decide to permanently mount your LED neon sign to a wall. 
      You can also choose from two additional backboard options at an extra cost:
      Acrylic Stand: The sign is mounted onto an acrylic stand. We only recommend this option for smaller signs that you plan to place on a tabletop or on the floor.
      Acrylic Box: Your neon sign in enclosed inside an acrylic box. We only recommend this option for smaller signs that you plan to place on a tabletop or on the floor.
      Acrylic Backboard Styles
      In addition to the available acrylic backboard shapes, customers have the option of adding unique backboard styles to their neon sign. 
      LED neon guide, LED neon lights on, and LED neon backboard of different size and shapes, Custom LED neon backboards, Gold mirrored Backboards UV printed backboards.
      Mirrored and Coloured
      You can combine our LED neon tubing with customized acrylic board. Above is our colour range of acrylic backboard options and a few examples of a customized colored acrylic board that you can use to make your neon sign more dynamic and visually impactful.
      UV printing
      UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed onto an acrylic backboard. UV printing can be used to create different types of signage, branding logos, and intricate or complex designs due to the excellent resolution it produces. London Neon offers UV printing on select standard signs and custom orders. For custom orders, we require our customers to submit hi res images. 
      Your Guide to Size Specifications

      Recommended Sizes
      For most living rooms, we recommend between 29'' / 75 cm and 79'' / 200 cm
      For most bedrooms, we recommend between 20'' / 50 cm and 60'' / 150 cm
      For most kid rooms, we recommend between 20'' / 50 cm and 40'' / 100 cm
      For most shop windows and offices, we recommend between 40'' / 100 cm and 99'' / 250 cm
      For most weddings, we recommend between 29'' / 75 cm and 59'' / 150 cm



      Your Guide to Electrical Components
      Unless otherwise stated, every London Neon indoor sign comes with a free remote or rotary dimmer, advertising screws or command strips for mounting your neon sign, a power pack (for medium and large signs), and a 2m (6.5ft) transparent cord that plugs into a 12V certified adapter. The adapter has an additional 1-2m (3-6ft) of black cable that plugs into a power socket. For use without a power socket, we recommend purchasing an external battery power pack to plug your sign into. Our LED neon signs include pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backboard. For wall mounting your new neon light you may need fishing wire, rope or heavy duty removable hooks in addition to the standard fixing pieces provided.LED neon guide, LED neon lights on, and LED neon backboard of different size and shapes, Custom LED neon backboards, Gold mirrored Backboards UV printed backboards.
      *Please note that the above is a recommendation only. London Neon is not responsible for the wall mounting and/or installation of any of our products. It is the customer's responsibility to review the product description of each item for detailed information regarding their purchase. 
      How to mount and hang your neon sign
      Using advertising screws:
      In your box you will find the screw set that's tailored to your sign. This will allow you to easily mount your sign to the wall.
      • Take your sign and place it flat up against the intended wall or space (if it’s a large sign, you may need assistance to keep it level)
      • Use a pencil to make a mark on the wall through the pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backboard
      • Place the sign back in the box or on a safe surface to avoid scratching the acrylic backing – using a screwdriver or a handheld drill, drill holes exactly on the points you marked on the wall.
      • Pick up the mounting pin and unscrew it. Use the longer hollow base of the mounting pin and place it up against the previously drilled hole, place the smaller securing screw through the hollow entry. Screw directly through the hollow base and into the wall.
      • Now get your sign and place it up against these bases and hopefully you’ve lined them up correctly. Then simply grab the remaining wider screw and screw into each base securing the sign to the wall - make sure they’re tight!
      • You’re all done! Now plug the sign into the transformer (black box), and then into the wall and it should illuminate no problem.
      Using heavy duty tape
      Available to purchase on London Neon. Visit our "Neon Accessories" collection.
      • Wipe the wall with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and debris. Do not use other household cleaners since those can leave behind a film or residue that can make the stickiness of the strips ineffective.
      • Separate the two strips and press the Velcro parts together
      • Remove the protective liner from one side of the strips and place the sticky surface on the sign with the pull tab facing down. The “pull tab” is the rounded part that says “3M” with an arrow pointing down. It's best to use 3 or more Command Strips for your neon sign. If you’re using three pairs, place one horizontally in the center of the sign and two on the sides.
      • Remove the protective liners that are now facing away from the sign and position your sign where you want it on the wall.
      • Press your neon sign firmly against the wall for at least 30 seconds. Put pressure on the areas where the strips are so they adhere securely to the wall.
      • At this point, it is advised to peel the sign off the wall and let the strips on the wall side sit for an hour before re-hanging the sign. This period allows the adhesive to fully adhere to the wall before adding the weight and resistance of the frame, make sure you read the instructions on the box and follow their guidelines on what kind of surfaces work and which don’t. 
      Using heavy duty wire:
      Hanging wire is available for purchase on London Neon. Visit our "Neon Accessories" collection. 
      • Take your sign and measure the distance between the two (or three) hanging holes located near the top of the sign which has been drilled into the acrylic backing.
      • Mark this distance out on the horizontal surface the silver vertical mounts will be drilled into. Dot the start of the distance and the end too. These will be where the centre of the mount sits.
      • Use silver vertical mounts and place them on the overhead surface, with the centre of it sitting directly on the point you marked out. You will notice 3 screw holes around the edges of the hanging mount. Use the marker again and mark those holes out for drilling!
      • Grab your drill equipped with a twist drill bit and drill pilot holes exactly on the points your marked on the overhead surface using your marker. Then using your screwdriver drill bit and the silver mount, drill the smaller silver screws and the mount into the overhead surface securing it to the surface.
      • Use approx 2 meters of hanging wires and measure out how far down you want your sign to hang. Using pliers cut each wire to the desired hang length.
      • On the spring powered mouth of the mount and feeding the wire in - release the mouth and the wire will grip and be stuck firmly in the mount.
      • Using the super small double barrel ferrules (or crimps) place one on the end of the wire, then place the wire through the hole of the sign, loop the wire around the sign and stick it back through the small metal crimp. Once done, quickly use the plier and squish the metal crimp horizontally across to lock it in. Repeat this for the other hanging wires too!
      • You’re all done! Now plug the sign into the transformer (black box), and then into the wall and it should illuminate no problem.
      Can I hardwire my neon sign into a light switch?
      Yes, you sure can! This is beneficial to both having simpler control over the sign using a lightswitch, but also provides a cleaner look with no power cables hanging down.
      We highly recommend an electrician to do this - All London Neon signs are 12 volt (except RGB signs that are 24 volt) and easy for an electrician to install. Most of the time to hardwire a sign there will need to be a cavity behind the wall an electrician can access - this is very important otherwise it can be near impossible to hardwire the sign.
      Please note that hardwiring a sign voids it’s 12-month warranty as if it faults it can be hard for us to establish the cause.
      How to care and transport your new London Neon sign
      Cleaning and maintaining your London Neon LED neon sign is easy! Use a dry microfiber cloth to buff the acrylic and remove dust and fingerprints. Do not use cleaning products or water on your London Neon LED neon sign as they could damage the acrylic and the neon. 

      If you need to transport your neon, we recommend using the original package that your LED neon sign came in or Iaying it (covered) on top of a thick foam board or cardboard. Loose packing material is not recommended as this can put uneven pressure on the sign, which could cause it to break. 

      If the sign is not being hung or mounted straight away, ensure it is stored in its box in a safe place to prevent any damages and do not stack items on top.