Welcome to London Neon! We're an approachable, small and family-owned neon sign shop specializing in made-to-order signs and the coolest pop culture designs. Our business operations are based in vibrant East London, where we are surrounded by art, culture and tons of neon inspiration. As two, young creatives with backgrounds in product and fashion design, we're all about lighting up your world in style. 

When it comes to price and quality, we hold our weight against the bigger neon suppliers. We are one of the least expensive in the business due to our minimal overhead costs. Instead of grossly marking up our product, we ensure that our prices reflect the labour, raw materials and the time needed to construct each sign. 

At London Neon, we take pride in offering our customers a unique, high quality product and the best prices and we've sought out the industry's best LED neon manufacturers who hand make every sign with the utmost care and attention. Every customer enquiry, all of our sales and marketing, order confirmations and quality control, is personally handled by us, not a bot, algorithm or stockholder.

What's more? Our Neon signs are: 

  • COST EFFECTIVE: LED neon flex is much easier to manipulate into the shape you want, which means less time producing the sign in the first place. While traditional Neon signage requires a full glass-making process, LED Neon Flex provides a lower cost and easier to install option.*Please read our section titled "UK and Internationally made neon" for more information on cost and shipping.
  • VERSATILE: LED neon flex signs are highly customizable and come in a wide range of colour and design options. Unlike gas-based solutions, you’re not stuck with limited colourways and shapes, further adding to the versatility of LED neon.
  • A 1 YEAR WARRANTY: All of our indoor signs come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty covering faulty items.
  • DURABLE: We offer the latest neon flex technology, which is more durable, lighter and longer lasting than traditional glass neon signs, which means they’re less likely to get damaged in high-traffic areas.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Our neon signs have low energy consumption making them a great eco- friendly alternative to traditional glass neon.
  • LONG LASTING: Our products will let you enjoy your bright neon light design for a whopping 50,000+ hours. That’s the equivalent of 3+ years if left on 24/7!!
  • SAFE: LED neon flex doesn’t heat up as a result of chemical processes so they’re also safe to touch, making them both kid and pet proof. Combined with their impact resistance, LED neon is suitable for almost any environment unlike traditional neon, which contains breakable glass and could leak toxic gases at the end of their life cycle.  
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Unless otherwise stated, all of our signs come with pre-drilled holes and wall fixings for easy hanging & mounting. 
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Our signs do not require any maintenance and are easy to clean by using a dry, microfiber cloth.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Our standard and custom-designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for events like weddings, parties, unique signs for advertising your business, and unique gift ideas.


    Our neon lights and signs are made of high quality LED flex making them different from traditional glass neon.

    LED flex is:

    • Made with PVC & acrylic
    • Powered by LED lights
    • Cased in flex rubber tubing

      LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient, and safer than glass neon products. They provide an incredible visual impact that is on par with or even greater than you would get with a traditional glass neon sign.

      IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LED NEON LIGHTS: Due to the hand rendered nature of our neon signs, they can be subject to variations and slight discolorations. Some variations in colour can also occur as a result of the computer screen, the camera and/or the light, and therefore the colour of the LED may appear different in pictures than in a real setting and do not reflect the quality of the product.

      What are the small, clear marks on my LED neon sign?

      Our signs are 100% hand-made so sometimes during the production process a bit of the special adhesive we use to complete the design may leave a slight clear stain. This is perfectly safe and is usually unnoticeable to the naked eye.

      Our LED neon signs and lights are:

      • Available in a wide range of colours and in most block and script fonts.
      • Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 13mm tube thickness. (depending on design and size.) The minimum letter height is approximately 6-8mm for basic block fonts and 10-13mm for cursive or script fonts.
      • Available in a variety of standard and premade exclusive designs.
      • Available as a personalized neon sign.
      • Handmade by professionals with over 10 years experience in LED neon manufacturing.
      • Manufactured in both China and/or the UK so that we may offer the highest quality LED neon at affordable and/or competitive prices. *Please read our section titled "UK and Internationally made neon" for more information on cost and shipping.
      • All of our custom and specialty standard LED neon signs are designed by us, right here in the UK.


      These are pre-made LED neon signs that are available to purchase in our online shop. Our standard signs are:

      • Available in tube options: White Jacket- When the sign is turned off the tubing appears white and the colour is a bit paler when turned on. Colour Jacket- When the sign is turned off the tubes still maintain their colour and the colour is more intense when the light is switched on. 
      • Mounted on a transparent acrylic backboard. 

        All standard shop signs are cut to text and mounted on a contoured backboard only. Please contact London Neon if you prefer your sign to be mounted on an alternative backboard.
      • Made internationally by neon sign specialists who are CE certified and have over 10 years experience in LED neon manufacturing.


      These are bespoke signs that are created using our *online customizer and/or submitted through our "custom quote" and "business and wholesale" enquiry form. Our custom signs are:

      • Available in tube options: White Jacket- When the sign is turned off the tubing appears white and the colour is a bit paler when turned on. Colour Jacket- When the sign is turned off the tubes maintain their colour and the colour is more intense when the light is switched on. 
      • Mounted on an acrylic backboard, available in clear or black, mirrored and a variety of custom colours at an additional cost. Please visit our Neon Guide for information on backboard options.

      • *Signs made using our Online Customizer are made internationally by neon sign specialists who are CE certified and have over 10 years experience in LED neon manufacturing.

        There are multiple backing options:
        • Contoured aka “Cut to shape/text”: The acrylic board is cut following the shape of the neon providing excellent stability. This is our most popular and versatile backboard for mounting on a wall or window, or hanging from a ceiling.
        • Full acrylic board: The sign is mounted to a very solid square acrylic board. We recommend using a full board if you will be hanging your sign from a ceiling or if you plan to use it for events.
        • Hollowed: Invisible and minimalist, but can be a bit more fragile as there is very little backing that holds the letters together, however, it is ideal for signs that will be permanently mounted on a wall.
        • Acrylic Stand: The sign is mounted onto an acrylic stand. We only recommend this option for smaller signs that you plan to place on a tabletop or on the floor. Additional costs apply
        • Acrylic Box: Your neon sign in enclosed inside an acrylic box. We only recommend this option for smaller signs that you plan to place on a tabletop or on the floor. Additional costs apply. We will be happy to advise you on the best backing for your design.

      Does my London Neon sign look exactly like my design?

      Custom LED neon signs are constructed entirely by hand, and therefore each sign is a 1 of 1 unique design made for the precise purpose and will of the buyer. Therefore, a custom neon sign may not be 100% matching the design of the mock-up that we sent. Our customers will receive a design proof of their LED neon sign prior to shipping, where they will have 24 hours to review and make minor adjustments or tweaks where possible and within reason. However, no return or exchange is possible after the original mock-up is approved by the customer and the order is paid. We encourage our customers to take as much time as they need before ordering their custom LED neon sign. 


      UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed onto an acrylic backboard. UV printing can be used to create different types of signage, branding logos, and intricate or complex designs due to the excellent resolution it produces. London Neon offers UV printing on select standard signs and custom orders. For custom orders, we require our customers to submit hi res images. 


      The price of a London Neon sign is determined by three main factors:

      1. The size.
      2. The complexity of the design.
      3. *Where the sign is made.

      Small and/or simple signs are typically cheaper, while large and/or complex designs are more expensive. Our pricing takes into consideration the raw materials used and labour cost needed to bring your design to life. All our prices quoted to you are inclusive of shipping.


      UK VS. Internationally Made Neon Signs

      At London Neon, we understand the importance of transparency when it comes to informing our customers of where our signs are produced and made. That's why, if requested, we can offer you the option of choosing a UK or internationally custom made neon sign. Each have their own unique design specifications and manufacturing capabilities and therefore it's the responsibility of the customer to read this section to better understand the differences (including the benefits as well as limitations) that each manufacturer has to offer:

      Signs made in the UK

      • Manufactured in Leeds, UK
      • Neon Flex available in 7 static colours (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, White) + RBG 
      • Available in white jacket neon tubes only
      • UV printing not available
      • Acrylic backboards: Clear, mirrored and colour
      • 6, 8, 10, 13mm Neon Flex or 30mm block acrylic (depending on neon size, design and style)
      • Comes with a 1 year warranty for indoor signs 
      • Usually ships within 1-2 weeks of order confirmation (review shipping policy below)
      • VAT and shipping included
      • Open to UK customers only
      • Premium pricing

       Signs made Internationally

      • Manufactured in Shanghai, China at a CE certified factory
      • Neon Flex available in 11 static colours (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, White, Warm White, Purple, Iced Blue, Girl Pink) + RBG
      • Available in both white and colour jacket neon tubes 
      • UV printing available 
      • Acrylic backboards: Clear, mirrored and colour 
      • 6, 8, 10, 13mm Neon Flex (depending on neon size, design and style)
      • Comes with a 1 year warranty for indoor signs 
      • Usually ships within 2 -3 weeks of order confirmation (review shipping policy below)
      • VAT and duty charges not included 
      • Open to UK and International customers
      • Affordable pricing 

      At London Neon, our goal is to provide our customer with the most affordable price in the UK for high quality LED neon, and will always offer the best price first. However, if you prefer to have a custom LED neon sign made in the UK, you must include this as a note in *additional comments* when reaching out for a custom quote. *Please note that all standard signs sold on our website and created using our Online Customizer are manufactured internationally.

      Why are your standard signs priced lower than your competitors?

      The answer is simple: we do not mark up the prices on our standard signs as much as other big UK suppliers do. Our boutique shop operates with very little overhead, and therefore we can reflect those savings in our costs. In fact, our standard LED signs are the most affordable in the UK for a high-quality product and we encourage our customers to shop around and compare with our big UK competitors.


      We sure do. With our extensive manufacturing capability, we can mass produce any standard or custom neon signage that works within your company's volume and budget requirements. For more information, please fill out our "Business and Wholesale Enquiries" or send us an email at info@londonneon.co.uk


      All of our LED neon signs plug into a power socket, *unless otherwise stated. For use without a power socket, we recommend purchasing an external battery power pack to plug your sign into. Most of our products come with a 4.9ft transparent cord, which plugs into a certified AC adapter. The adapter has an additional 3-6ft of black cable that plugs into the socket.

      *It is the customers responsibility to review the product description for detailed information regarding their neon sign purchase. 

      Do I need a remote or dimmer for my LED neon light?

      Our remotes come with every order, *unless otherwise stated. Our remotes have a standard ON & OFF setting as well as a range of brightness options and flash, flicker, and pulse control. This allows our customers to have more flexibility in specific lighting settings.

      Can I use my new light sign outdoors?

      Our standard LED neon signs are meant to be used as indoor signs; however, they can also be used at outdoor parties or events, provided they do not get wet. Please note that our standard signs are NOT water-resistant or waterproof, therefore they cannot be directly exposed to water or moisture.

      Luckily at London Neon, we can create beautiful outdoor neon signs on request. When reaching out for a quote, please ensure that you specify that you would like an ‘outdoor sign,’ and we will assist you in creating a perfect weather-proof design to suit your needs. Please note that outdoor signs sometimes feature visible seal marks where the neon has been waterproofed – these are clear and can only be seen when the neon is switched off.

      How do I clean my new London Neon sign?

      Cleaning and maintaining your London Neon LED neon sign is easy! Simply use a dry microfiber cloth to buff the acrylic and remove dust and fingerprints. Do not use cleaning products or water on your London Neon LED neon sign as they could damage the acrylic and the neon. London Neon is not responsible for damage caused by improper care. 


      Hanging your new neon light sign is super easy! All of our standard signs weigh 6-11lb on average and include pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backboard. London Neon signs are safe to transport and easy to install.

      For wall mounting your new neon light you may need the following:

      • Fishing wire (we recommend using heavy-duty wire and using a fisherman knot) 
      • Steel wire rope (we recommend securely knotting) 
      • Heavy-duty removable hooks (We recommend using several removable hooks to hold up to 6-11 lbs)
      • Heavy duty tape (we recommend cleaning the wall with isopropyl rubbing alcohol by wiping gently before applying the tape) now available on 

        Please note that the above is a recommendation only. London Neon is not responsible for the wall mounting and/or installation of any of our products.


        • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
        • Visa (credit and debit cards)
        • American Express
        • Discover (US merchants only)
        • Apple Pay

        • Google Pay
        • Klarna
        • Shop Pay
        • Maestro


        At London Neon, we offer FREE worldwide shipping. It’s as simple as that.


        Standard orders take between 3-5 weeks, inclusive of shipping times. We've partnered with multiple, reliable carriers for the shipment of your neon sign including DHL, FedEx or UPS. We select the most optimized shipping company for your product to arrive fast and safe. Orders will only be shipped to the shipping address provided on your invoice. Please make sure your address is correct. 

            Why is the turnaround 3-5 weeks for a standard order?

            Our signs are handmade; therefore, production does take some time to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product. Five weeks is the maximum turnaround time, and most customers receive their orders within three weeks. 

            Do you offer rush shipment?

            Yes. For an additional £50 we are able to fast track your London Neon order using express delivery. This option is available at checkout. 

            Does London Neon provide tracking? Can I re-schedule and/or change a delivery?

            We can provide a tracking number upon request. Once your neon sign is shipped you can contact the delivery company at will to get updates and/or change or reschedule a delivery.


            Orders to some countries may be subject to import fees/duties and taxes when delivery takes place. This depends on which country you are ordering from and how heavy the LED neon sign is. Please note that this is standard procedure for any item bought online and is entirely out of our hands. Some orders won't be subject to import fees, but for those that are, please be aware that these fees are the responsibility of the customer and are not covered by London Neon.

            Once an order has been confirmed, the customer takes full liability for all postal charges, return shipment costs and resend shipment costs if they refuse to accept a parcel due to import duties or taxes. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Delivery Standard excludes day of posting and time spent on customs clearance.


            London Neon will happily accept returns and refunds of faulty products only. We always want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase, however, we cannot accept returns due to change of mind as all of our standard and custom LED neon signs are made-to-order and sent directly into production after payment is confirmed.

            We will make every effort to resolve the issue and will either fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the item. The final resolution for faulty products, including refunds for the cost of the product and/or shipping, is decided on a case-by-case basis and is at the sole discretion of London Neon.

            We kindly ask that our customers thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions prior to purchase, as well as their invoices after their purchase to ensure that the specifications of the item, font (if applicable), colour and content are all correct. Please flag any issues with your order immediately by contacting us at info@londonneon.co.uk.

            What is your returns procedure?

            • Please contact London Neon directly to let us know which product(s) you wish to return and why.
            • Please provide us with photos and video of the item at the time you have received it for diagnostic and quality purposes.
            • If you are not able to provide both a video and photo(s) of the problem then our ability to rectify your issue will be limited.
            • Once we have received all of the required information we will be in touch to try to resolve the issue.
            • If a return has been agreed to, please note that the faulty product must be in its original condition that it was received, along with it’s original packaging, and sent to the return address provided by London Neon.
            • The faulty item must be returned for inspection by London Neon within 14 days of the date you received the product. Items sent after the 14 day window may no longer be eligible for a refund.
            • If a replacement has been agreed to, we will produce and ship the replacement product to you as soon as possible, free of charge.
            • If a full or partial refund has been agreed, we will process the refund immediately.

            What if my neon sign arrives damaged?

            If your neon sign has arrived damaged or broken, London Neon will happily send you a replacement sign. In order set up a claim with the shipping company, you must send us pictures and video of the 4 sides of the package as well as pictures of the broken parts within 72 hours of receiving your sign. Signs sent after this period may not be eligible for a replacement. 

              What about Gift Cards?

              All London Neon Gift Cards are final sale.


              Our “indoor” signs include a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, which covers electrical components when used appropriately, *unless otherwise stated. London Neon “outdoor” signs include a 4-month warranty, from the date of purchase, which covers electrical components when used appropriately, *unless otherwise stated.

              *It is the customers responsibility to review the product description for detailed information regarding their neon sign purchase. 

              If you have any additional questions about your London Neon sign, we're happy to help. Just send us a message at info@londonneon.co.uk and tell us what you need. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.